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  • 900.00

    Activity Package

    In this package you can experience all the activities provided by the Shree Lodges which are Zipline, Jacuzzi, River Rafting, Kayaking, zorbing. Shree Lodge influence you to feel like home. We have Ac and Non-Ac rooms to suit your prerequisites.

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    Golden yellow rays of sun falling on your body, all around you lush green trees swishing along with gentle winds, birds chirping and tweeting, the fragrance of flowers, and the water of the Kali river hitting your back giving you a smooth and gentle massage.

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    Kayaking is a water sport in which a double bladed bar and a kayak used to paddle across the water. Kali river in Dandeli provides you with a great possibility to enjoy as well as learn kayaking. Along with river Kali, kayaking in Dandeli is also conducted in Supa Reservoir.

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    River Rafting

    Kali River provides one of the finest rafting experiences in the entire country. The rafting trail is of about 12-15 kilometres which makes it very exhilarating and the surroundings throughout the trail are stunning, which makes the experience even more exciting and enjoyable.

  • 300.00


    River Crossing is one of the most challenging activities among all others in Dandeli. In River crossing, you are provided with some safety harness attached to a rope, which is fixed to either side of the river, with the help of which you need to cross the river flowing underneath.

  • 250.00 Best Zorbing in dandeli


    Would you believe it if someone told you that you can walk on water? Water zorbing in Dandeli makes that possible. It is a fun activity where you roll or walk on a river, inside a transparent plastic ball, called zorb. You can run, walk, flip, or whatever you want to do inside a zorb.